H2O Clean

No fuss environmental wastewater treatment.

Why choose H2O Clean?



One process effectively treats many aspects of water contamination including:

  • Fats, Oils and Grease

  • BOD and COD

  • Suspended Solids

  • Nitrogen

  • Metals

  • Pathogens


  • treatment typically in less than 10 minutes


  • The fast reaction makes the system very compact

  • Able to fit into sites that larger systems just do not fit

Readily combined with complimentary equipment

  • DAF

  • Filtration such as media and membranes

  • Biological




Our electrically driven water treatment process is designed to provide a low total cost of ownership.


Firstly, using electrical energy is cheaper than buying chemicals. So, straight up, you enjoy lower operating costs.


Next, we've gone further and worked to reduce the power consumption of the system too. Instead of using conventional Direct Current or DC, we use alternating current AC that is pulsed or APC as this reduces your power bill further.



The system hydraulically floats off separated contaminants, without the costs and maintenance of a conventional scraper Dissolved Air Floatation.




The treatment is quick, with treatment typically in less than 15 minutes.

Electricity is passed through your dirty water using sacrificial electrodes.

This process destabilizes emulsions, coagulating contaminants and floating them off.

Some of the water is split into radicals that oxidise the water to further break down contaminants.

Many pathogens in the water are disinfected by these mechanisms to make the treated water safe too


This process works for so many different waste waters and applications.

The hardware is easily configured to suit the specific site needs and then fine-tuned on site.

Once the site is up and running, the client is easily able to dial the treatment up and down to their needs with the slide of a dial.

How does it work?


Clean up your dirty water - H2O Clean


We've been cleaning up water for over 20 years. With a science degree and 10 years of R&D experience, we started with domestic rainwater and pool water and then grey and black waters. We've used membranes, ozone peroxide oxidation, coagulation and flocculation chemistry and biological systems including aeration and anaerobic.


Water treatment using Electrical treatments including coagulation, floatation, oxidation and disinfection techniques is typically underestimated. They provide scalable, versatile and cost-effective water treatment. And, they are easy for operators to manage.


While we stopped using these methods 10 years ago with the increasing cost of power, however, they are enjoying a resurgence now with the advent of lower cost renewable power and pressure on industrial businesses who are required to clean up their trade wastewaters.

The can be powered by renewable power such as solar or CHP engines, see www.inoplex.com.au


To provide water treatment products and services that best meet clients' specific needs.



The H2O Clean technology is a commercially packaged, off the shelf, water treatment solution, applicable to many business applications.

It includes:

Coagulation to destabilise emulsions and provide charged ions to neutralise charges on particles,

Flocculation for pin flocs of pollutants to combine and form larger, easier to remove solids,

Lamella Plates to further improve separation of flocs with a minimum of chemistry and or time,

Floatation of flocs using tiny bubbles produced at the electrodes and with dissolved air to provide a secondary separation.

Deep process tanks for the floatation to be maximum efficiency.

Co-Current treatment as the dirtiest water flows through the electrodes followed by

Counter-current treatment with pollutants lifted as the cleaned water sinks, to provide an additional mechanism for separation.

Alternating Pulsed Current for reduce maintenance and decreased power consumption.  Many electrical treatment systems use traditional direct current (DC) with low voltages and high currents. These systems cause electrode passivation and reduced treatment. Some overcome this by switching the polarity of the DC, which adds cost to the equipment. We've overcome these issues by using alternating power (like the grid power you use) and pulsing it, to produce Alternating Pulsed Current or APC. This reduces the equipment cost and power consumption and yes, also eliminates switching the poles as the AC power does this automatically anyway.




The H2OClean treatment systems are Australian designed and built, to meet local standards and provide ongoing support.


Typical Applications


& Dairy





Food &


Wash Down



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Potatoe and Onion washing water before and after minimal treatment


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